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BonFire Release

BonFire is now available as a production  release.

Installation Instructions:  BonFire installs from a CD ROM or CD image file.  If you are installing on a "server class" system with IPMI, you can install directly from the ISO file mounted over IPMI. Otherwise, you will need to create a CD or DVD from the install ISO file.

Downloads: The current ISO file is available at:

Upgrade after you install:  This BonFire admin layer is being updated frequently.  After you install the ISO please run "Setup | System Updates | Check on-line for Software Updates.  This function required that your system have an active internet connection.

Licensing:  WildFire Storage is issueing licenses both for production systems and for "demo and valutation systems".  Please contact to get a license serial number.  Licenses are also available thru BonFire resellers.

WildFire Storage:
Phone:   US toll free (888) 473-7866
+1 (610) 237-2000
fax +1 (610) 672-9549
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