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ESS-v7 is Fast Approaching

The long-awaited version 7 of ESS is fast approaching.

ESS v7 will integrate several technologies into the existing ESS product to further reduce costs and support a range of technologies.  Some of the newly supported technologies include:

Even faster performance. ESS v7 has new tuning logic to further exploit systems with many cores. This is primarily aimed at NVMe servers that with to push more than 10 GB/sec of data on and off of the array.

Support for data deduplication.  ESS v7 will support deduplication of all 4KB blocks.  This feature combined with block-level compression can dramatically lower storage requirements for some customers.

This feature will be particularly useful for customer supporting multiple similar tenants. Obvious examples include virtual desktop hosting and virtual server hosting. Note that applications that encrypt their data or have data that is inherently random wont see any benefit with de-dupe.

New memory cache with memory reduction:  Our new version of memory management permits reduction of RAM requirements. This reduction is tunable and can lower RAM requirements as much as 100:1. A side effect of the lower RAM requirements is that volumes can also mount much more quickly.

Optional dual ported media HA:  this feature is desired by some customers , even though it often involves higher costs than simply mirroring servers. In the past, this usually involved SAS SSDs. Current hardware options tend to involve NVMe SSDs. Note that these hardware platforms are complicated and are far from a "white box" solutions.

New Floating Array: We are optionally supporting a pool of SSDs that is much more dynamic than traditional arrays. This lets you add and remove drive live, as well as use drives of different sizes concurrently. This is all implemented with "erasure codes" enabling one to eight "parity drives" so that you can dial the level of redundancy desired. This new logic also support much larger arrays in terms of drive counts.

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