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A Re-Imagination of a File System

The ESS block layer can do much more than just map 4K blocks. We have implemented a prototype file system to see what levels of performance are possible.

By combining multiple block "name-spaces" and fully variable block sizes, we have implemented a basic file system that behaves very differently from traditional 4K block-based approaches. The new file system is stunningly fast, especially for small files. Single file creates can take as little as 4 uSec or 100,000 file creates in under one half of a second. Directories with one billion files are actually practical. File opens and reads require a single, direct, IO. Variable sized blocks also mean that files only use the space of their contents and are not rounded up to the next block boundary.

WildFire is looking for corporate partners to help commercialize this file system as an "exascale" solution for really "fast data". The file system has all of the features of a local array, the flexibility and scale of file systems like ZFS, but without the overhead and inefficiencies.

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